Who invented the electric washboard?

Lori Mraz asked a question: Who invented the electric washboard?
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When was the washboard invented and what year?

  • Some google searches suggest that the washboard was invented in 1797, but this cannot be right. 1797 is the date of a lost US patent offering an "improvement" in washing clothes, but this was certainly not the only attempt to invent better ways of doing laundry around that time.


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Who invented the electric washing machine in 1907? Alva Josiah FISHER – 1907. Who created the electric washing machine? Alva John Fisher… Measure washboard from bottom of legs to about an inch from the top. Cut bottom pieces. Measure the width of the washboard. Assemble frame. Nail the two sides, top and bottom together to create a box frame.

History. A washboard is a flat board with a ribbed surface. According to OldandInteresting.com, historians believe that washboards originated in Scandinavia just prior to the turn of the 19th century, but documented date information is woefully lacking. Originally made entirely of wood at the beginning of the 19th century, they were placed in a ...

1833 offers a good clear-cut date in their story. On February 9th 1833, Stephen Rust of Manlius, NY patented a new idea: a "Wash Board" with a piece of " fluted tin, sheet iron, copper or zink ". (We were pleased to find this at the US Patent Office.

Self-taught Elizabeth Bougerol has made the washboard a key element of The Hot Sardines jazz band. Cody Dickinson, a member of hill country blues bands the North Mississippi Allstars and Country Hill Revue plays an electrified washboard on a self-written track, "Psychedelic Sex Machine".

[Henry Gilbert’s 1918 washboard patent, the same patent noted on the Universal No. 134] The years after World War I also saw the entry of Henry Gilbert’s sons, Charles T. and Harwood J. Gilbert, into leadership positions with the company. By this point, National Washboard was supposedly producing millions of boards each year.

Washboards with brass ridges are still made. Many parts of the world still use washboards for washing clothes. Clothes are soaked in hot soapy water in a washtub or sink, then squeezed and rubbed against the ridged surface of the washboard to force the cleansing fluid through the cloth to carry away dirt. Washboards may also be used for washing ...

Enjoy a fast-paced hand-drawn history of America's electric cooperatives. As late as the mid-1930s, nine out of 10 rural homes were without electric service. The farmer milked his cows by hand in the dim light of a kerosene lantern. His wife was a slave to the wood range and washboard.

Accordingly, who invented the scrub board washing machine in 1797? James King . Also Know, who played the washboard? Actor Deryck Guyler . Thereof, when did people use washboards? Wooden washboards were used in the 1840s. A large piece of wood was carved into the corrugated shape of a rubbing surface.

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